Spot 13 new street art place in Paris

A few steps away from the « tower 13 », now totally removed from the map of Parisian street art buildings (because it was demolished on April 8, 2014 😉 ) is the « spot 13 ».

This new street-art place is located at 48 allée Paris Ivry and is accessible by foot from the metro « bibliothèque François Mitterrand ».

Gretha Thunberg – How dare you – Spot 13 in Paris

To get there you will have to walk about ten minutes from the metro station (mentioned above).

The Spot 13 is located at 48 allée Paris

A fresco of Napoleon on his trivialized horse will point you in the direction of the desired spot.

Napoleon–The-revolution-will be trivialized

As you walk along, you will see more and more spray paint marks, frescoes will emerge little by little and then, all of a sudden, at the bend in the road you will come across an area halfway between the construction site and the open air gallery.

You have arrived at spot 13!

Spot-13 – Graffiti- and street art in Paris.

No waiting lines, no souvenir stores, no contact or contactless payment,

Only concrete walls and paint to see in self-service.

You can take the air and discover several styles of urban paintings ranging from huge frescoes to stencils.

Connection man & woman
Baby Meta

The other advantage is that here the place is in perpetual evolution, one fresco chases another.

You can see Greta Thunberg and her famous « How dare you? » with explosive colors of yellow, black and red.

You may also have the chance to meet the Spartans from Frank Miller’s comic book « 300 ».

Near Greta, you can also admire the symbol of peace with a bullet-proof vest snatching an AK-47 from its robust beak.

Bercy building
View on the towers
Dragon fish
Robots under the bridge
Dove vs AK-47

You can also marvel at the difference between the graphic styles of the spirit with multiple fire skulls and the illustration of a woman in pink and blue tones.

You can also marvel at the difference between the graphic styles of the spirit with multiple fire skulls and the illustration of a woman in pink and blue tones.

Voyages-Deci-Dela-Spot-13-Paris-graffiti-street-art-recycled-squirrel -volume-
recycled squirrel in volume

If you continue your exploration beyond the « Spot 13 » area, you can see other works near the Porte de Bercy interchange. A temporary cafe was underway at the time I visited, maybe you’ll have a chance to grab something to drink there.

In any case good exploration to you.

Street-art lettering : Spot 13
street-art perspective, comics
Still life: insects and butterflies
Psychedelic bubble illustration
Révolution évolution illustration
Stylized woman
Blue female face
woman leopard

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